Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga Burn Review – Is It Legit?

In this article, we are going to guide you about daily, honest and real yoga burn reviews by Zoe Bray Cotton, a total body workout 12 week fitness system. If you are a female and have tried so many things to losing weight before, you know very well how challenging this could be. For one, women’s bodies are different from men’s, and will not react in specifically the same manner. Secondly, no woman that needs to burn fat and tighten up her body wants to be able to lift huge weights that are why hitting the gym is such a turnoff.

yoga burn reviewHi, I’m Jenny McRae and am excited to tell offer my impartial Yoga Burn review to you. Since I’m not the inventor of the product, I can suggest you a prospect of someone who has truly used the product and had experienced what it can do.

I was offered to Yoga Burn by a friend of mine after she too, became fed up with the working program after program, none of them worked for her and instead just demotivated her. And let’s face it – as women we have a number on our plate as it is. It’s very hard to find the time to get to the gym various times a week, only to have to spend 60 to 90 minutes and even more, when we have duties waiting at home.

And regardless of how healthy you think you are, you know that you would love to reduce a couple extra pounds here and there. It all adds up if you let it, right? These Yoga Burn Reviews will help you in buying this awesome product.



Honest & Real Yoga Burn Reviews By Zoe Bray Cotton

The Yoga Burn Program, also identified as “her yoga secrets”, is an easy beginner helpful 12-week healthy weight loss program, created by Zoe Bray Cotton, and for women who want for fat loss, develop their metabolism, or simply tighten up problem areas that every woman understands too well.

The core of the program turns around applying dynamic sequencing yoga, which can assist you to get a tighter and toned body, all from the convenience of your home without regularly needing to step foot in the gym or a yoga studio.

Believe me, after working Yoga Burn, I wasn’t thinking of going back to anything else!

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The Inventor Yoga Burn is Zoe Bray-Cotton

I would never believe a program produced by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, which, fortunately, in this case, is not so. Zoe Bray Cotton is a special trainer, certified yoga instructor and an expert female body transform specialist.


She guides Yoga practice for stress release, and for weight loss, which makes Yoga Burn system such an efficient program.

Who Is Yoga Burn Total Body Workout For?

To be very honest, Yoga Burn can be work for anyone, men included as well. However, understanding the type of creatures men are, they will almost surely love to go to the gym and lift weights instead of doing girly yoga workouts.

But does that mean that Yoga Burn is comfortable to do? Not at all. In fact, multiple women (and a few men) that I know have tried the program say that it is amongst the hardest workout programs they have ever tried, possibly owing to the fact that yoga retrains your body to walk in a more natural way, after years of defective habits.


While there are much more difficult programs out there, Yoga Burn can be considered the best yoga workout DVD for newcomers, as it makes it very simple to remain compliant during the 12-week system, as you require no prior experience with yoga exercises. In particular, if you fall into one of these sections Yoga Burn is the right option for you:

If you’ve ever stared in awe how children are able to lift their legs all the way to their heads and hope you had that kind of flexibility and core strength, you can also experience such advantages as early as 12 weeks.

If you want to increase your flexibility – while at its heart Yoga Burn is a powerful weight loss program, yoga is much effective for increasing your flexibility. This can assist to reduce the pain that may be made as a result of type hip extensors or muscles of the lower back and upper body, which may conflict with normal day-to-day movements.

If you have never worked out a day in your life – though, this is not sufficient, there is no real time than the present to start producing an effort to modify your body. Yoga Burn is surely beginner friendly, starts with basic yoga, getting the advantage of a slow progressive way in increasing difficulty. That means everyone begins at zero and moves up gradually.

You don’t have time – it seems time is the enemy of fitness, causing several people to fall ill every year. Fortunately, the Yoga Burn program is and time fast, needing just tree 45 minutes sessions in a week, all done from the convenience of your home. You can also combine in one additional session per week, which I apply infrequently as a way to help overcome stress, cortisol levels and improve recovery.

Whether you want to lose three pounds or 30 pounds – as a woman I can certify that practically every one of us out there would love to reduce a couple pounds, whatever that be just two, or even up to 50. Regardless, pride and shame plays a huge part in us not doing anything and just watching in depression as we gradually expand even more. Yoga Burn is done in your home, so it is a judgment-free

The Yoga Burn program is particularly attractive for women who may have recently given birth and still treating with the weight gain that may still is evident in the post-natal period.


If having to worry for your baby leaves you tired and without much time to spare, you will like the truth that Yoga Burn is not time fast, and can be done while your cutie pie naps.

What’s included In The Yoga Burn Fitness System?

The producer of the Yoga Burn program, Zoe Bray Cotton, gives the package in both physical DVDs and then immediately accessible digital download, which means that you can start right away while the DVDs are being mailed to you.

This means that you can understand workout while on to go, or even if you live in a place with unreliable Internet access. In addition to the core program, multiple bonuses are also included in the program. Here is what you can expect after buying Yoga Burn:

the core 12-week body shaping course – this includes three phases, distributed into four weeks each, in-depth yoga video tutorials of how to work 20 poses you want to master, for a total of nine videos.

Bonus audio clips of each session that you can hear to on the go, or strong steps you may have missed.

Bonus tranquility class – this is the one I suggested that is optional, but which I fully recommend you perform in order to release stress levels, and encourages your recovery subsequently.

Immersion community – this is a members-only community devoted to women all following the program, giving support, access to coaching and mentoring, and assisting you along the journey by keeping you motivated and responsible.

Having comradery with like-minded individuals is one of the reliable ways to achieve your goals, as a type of friendly competitiveness is promoted.


Yoga Burn monthly – these are optional DVDs that support to introduce you to other kinds of yoga, such as restorative yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, and yoga asana and are suggested for people wanting to learn more and stay on the program for an extended period of time (6 months to be exact). The first month is totally free and rebills at $37/month then you can cancel during the first 30 months if you want).

Optional bonus – not a true bonus in the spirit of free bonuses, but you are given the opportunity of buying a second copy of the course at a discount, probably for a friend or to present someone as a gift.

The 12 Week Yoga Burn Fitness System is Divided Into Three Phases:

Phase 1– foundational flow phase. Guides your yoga foundation and strengthens the mind-body connection required for later phases.

Mastering basic breathing method is also significant during this first phase, as nothing will derail your progression quicker than getting winded while trying to perform advanced yoga poses.

Phase 2 – transitional flow phase. Involves understanding to merge poses from phase 1 with the different yoga postures in phase two to produce seamless sequences.

Phase 3– mastery flow phase. Merges everything learned previous to this and amplifies intensity to boost metabolism and speed up burning fat.

Real & Honest 12 Week Yoga Burn Reviews of Fitness System

While I like Yoga Burn and suggest it to several of my friends and women who ask for my opinion, it won’t be for every single person out there. These yoga burn reviews will show you both positive and negative points of this product. It did encourage me to lose weight and improve flexibility, coming with its different set of pros, and possible cons. Here is what I discovered:


Will work for most women – regardless of experience, and how much weight you need to lose Yoga Burn can assist bring you closer to your aims?


Produced by a knowledgeable instructor – the instructor, Zoe Bray Cotton, looks highly knowledgeable of the methods she explains and makes it easy to learn.

Does not need extra investment – this means you do not have to spend more on gym memberships, flashy clothing, transportation charges or a personal trainer. You will, however, want to make good grocery shopping choices and follow the calories.

Money back guarantees – there is an unconditional 60-day guarantee if you think the program is not for you. There is no desperate grab for cash, giving you enough time to apply for this program.

Much of positive Yoga Burn reviews from happy users of the program. This social proof confirms that the program really works as long as you use what you learn and devote the time to put in the work.


You have to apply what you learned – at the minimum; the program requires you to dedicate 45 minutes three times per week to practice what you view in the videos. If you do not do this, clearly the program is not a magic pill.

The beginning pain is common – if you have never done yoga before, it is supposed to feel pain after the first couple of sessions. This is because your body is not accustomed to stretching in the ways Yoga Burn videos will guide you. However, the body is immediate to learn and this becomes a non-issue after approximately two weeks.

Will not produce results you expect if you already follow advanced yoga or powerful yoga poses. It is, however, an exceptional beginner yoga program for someone who has been inactive a huge portion of their life or if you are now getting back into an exercise program.

Not significantly a con, but more of a difficulty to keep in mind- you have to rotate in your diet and nutrition plan. Too often it happens that you might master an exercise plan, but do not understand the weight loss objects you had envisioned.

Getting a hard look at your nutrition is one of the first things you should do in order to establish yourself up for long-term success.

Reducing the number of carbohydrates you eat on a regular basis is a fabulous starting point, as it causes the body to dig into stored body fat in order to give energy.

Consuming healthier omega-3 fats is also a magnificent way to help your body recomposition goals and improve overall health in the process.

Results Of The Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga Burn Total Body Workout

Even though these yoga videos can be admitted a fast start way to get familiarized with yoga and start reducing weight, 12 weeks is not sufficient to maintain constant weight loss.

Even, after 12 weeks you can smoothly transition to the longer-term Yoga Burn monthly program. During my first 12 weeks on the program, I dropped 16 pounds (I was aiming for 20, but came pretty close).

I also observed that I did not get stressed out as smoothly as I frequently would, which I attribute to training the tranquility sessions (not mandatory but I STRONGLY suggest you do). My energy levels were also much better, as I did not feel the urge to get a nap at two in the afternoons when I would usually crash.

But don’t catch my word for it; there are various more testimonials from satisfied females who have helped from the Yoga Burn system. Check out some of their Yoga Burn DVD Reviews here:

Yoga Burn 12 Week Plan Price: What A Bargain, Here’s How I Got My Cheap!

The Yoga Burn cost is not conditional; it can be bought at a steal of a price, costing just $37. Want bigger savings? Get the double package and pay just $57. I really got the individual program for myself but bought a double afterward for my two sisters-in-law.

If you have a relative or colleague that you absolutely know will like this program, go straight for the double and pick up more savings.


Conclusion: Very Happy With The Yoga Burn Fitness System

Listen, when you’ve applied so many things before and nothing seems to achieve, the only sensible thing you can do is to try something different. That program for multiple women is Yoga Burn. Remember, Yoga Burn is ideal for you if:

The gym or cardio threatens you; you favor to work out at home

If you want a program that takes your hand and gradually encourages you to learn the ropes.

You need to increase your muscle tone and flexibility because of muscle and joint aches which you would not be feeling.

Want to lose as little as 2 pounds, up to 20 and even more.

Would love a risk-free purchase. You are allowed 60-day money back guarantee, so what’s not to love?

Hope, our yoga burn reviews will help you a lot to buy this product.

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